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Roller Shutter

As a part of the outer facade the Roller Shutter Box plays an important role in heat reduction and security. To economically regulate the demands of the energy as per Energy Star qualification, the Roller Shutter Box must fulfill high standards.

The outer and inner-blinds and connecting profiles are all uPVC hollow chamber profiles.

The Shutter is rolled up in an integrated box on top of the window or door and takes very little space. The Roller Shutter can be positioned at any point from fully open to fully shut.

The shutter slats are hinged together, they have slots between the hinge to let light through. Those light slots will completely close when the shutter is fully closed. By just pulling up the shutter a short distance, only the narrow light slots will open to let some light come in.

The closed shutter is also an additional insulation and safety factor and even in the position where the light slots are open, it still has a good insulation effect, as an additional advantage the view from outside into the room is not possible.

The Roller Shutter is available in many sizes to fit almost every window and door. It can either be fitted to the window or can be supplied as a separate unit to be fitted later to a window.

The Roller Shutter can be easily operated with the help of a belt, or an electric motor. The motor can be controlled by buttons, an automatic timing switch or with a remote control.

Insect Net

With Lingel Roller Mosquito Net we offer you an environment friendly solution against these uninvited guests. You can protect yourself against insects without using harmful chemicals.

The self winding mosquito net is made from high quality, long lasting material. This net is easy to roll down and back up and can be locked in position to prevent insects from entering through the window.

The mechanism is integrated in the top box of the window shutter and is not visible when rolled up and therefore is also protected against damage.

Our other extensive list of accessories includes the following products:

Locks and Hinges

All locks, hinges and other metal fixtures used in our Window and Door Systems are also available separately with us.

Friction Stays

This is a hardware which is used for outside opening windows.

Tilt & Turn Hardware

This is used for inside opening windows and doors.

Handle with Locking System (optional)

This locking handle can easily be replaced for the standard handle. It is mainly used as a child safety feature, to prevent children from opening the window.

Shutter System

A roller shutter can be incorporated into the Window or Door at the top. This becomes an integrated part of the Window or Door system. The shutter is normally operated by hand.

Electric Motor operation of the Shutter

The roller shutter can be fitted with and electric motor which can be operated by a switch or remote control. It is also possible to connect the motor to a timer system to open and close the shutter at set times automatically.

Roll up Mosquito Net

The roll up Mosquito Net is usually fitted together with the roller shutter. The Mosquito net is operated by hand.


The standard color of the Window and Door Systems is white. However, we can paint the systems in a variety of colors to suit your taste. We use a very special color for this which sticks very well to the uPVC parts of the window.

Window Sill

Window sills are not supplied with the window systems but can be arranged and installed with our windows on request.

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Our uPVC windows & doors have an expected service life of over 40 years.


uPVC doors have been around for nearly as long as uPVC windows.


Your choice of glass As important as the selection of the uPVC windows &


As a part of the outer facade the Roller Shutter Box plays an important role

Solar control

Acoustic insulation

Thermal insulation

Visual appearance