Cassette Awning

We do offer:

Roof Glazing's & conservations made in India make out of uPVC and Aluminium

On the upper high end the upgraded designs are available made in Germany as well.

We are going to design your master piece based on your individual inputs and requirements

Treat yourself with superior quality of life

Are you looking for more than a cozy shaded spot ?

Do you also attach great importance to attractive design and weather resistance ?

Then discover the high grade Lingel pergola & awnings.

It is impressive with its harmonious styling, thus adding a unique highlight to your house.

Do you know that you can always rely on so many parameters:
  • Weather-proof pergola and awnings
  • It has the provision of self-closing (rolling in) when it gets a bit stormy or rainy.
  • Huge variety of designs, color shades and cassette (body) colors.
Increase your outdoor living space as is the trend of expanding living space of expanding living space outside.
  • UV-resistant UV BLOCK & OPEN VIEW blocks about 86 % of UV to protect our skin and eyes.
  • Lower temperature:- provide you a roomy, cozy and shaddy place.Enjoy your time comfortably even on crazy hot days.
  • Reduce wind efficiently :- breaks especially the force of cross-wind. You get a cozier field when using it with our side shade.
Solar shields come with manual and electronic retraction options

Cassette Awning
Max with 6000mm max depth 4000mm

Pergola Awning
Max with 7000mm max depth 7000mm