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upvc windows in Goa
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upvc windows in Goa

If you have decided to use UPVC windows and doors for your office or home, make sure that you keep them in tip-top condition or else there is a chance of you falling out of love. UPVC windows are those structures that have become popular these days, and they have a good reason for that. The windows made from UPVC are sturdy, durable, easy to customise, nontoxic and easy to maintain. For home interior and exterior items, good care is required even for the best of materials, and in this case, UPVC is no different!

The standard materials used by UPVC windows Suppliers for making windows apart from glass are aluminium, wood and UPVC. Gone are those days when heavy wood timbers were used to make window frames. Now the popular choice among homeowners is the   UPVC material according to UPVC windows Suppliers in Noida.  They are light and an excellent substitute for wooden window sills and frames. The second-best option is aluminium which is also light and long lasting, like UPVC. Wood is also solid, but it is heavy and decays when exposed to moisture and water and needs regular maintenance.

Here are a few cleaning tips for UPVC windows and doors as per UPVC windows Suppliers

• Cleaning the Glass

UPVC windows in Goa have the larger glass fitted in their frames compared to aluminium or wood-framed windows. Irrespective of the different styles and designs of UPVC windows, it is important that the glass is kept clean. The glass used in a UPVC windows in Goa is typically double-glazed units. These glasses can scratch from usage. One can use a soap and water solution or any proprietary house cleaning agent to remove the dust and grime from the glass, especially on the exterior side. One should remove metallic items like rings from their fingers and use a soft cloth, so the glass does not get damaged.

• Cleaning the Frames

The frames of UPVC-based windows supplied by UPVC windows Suppliers in Goa usually remain in good condition and only need to be cleaned a couple of times a year. Here also, one can wipe them with a wet piece of cloth, and they will look fresh. Avoid painting the frames, as it is not required. UPVC windows in Goa comes originally with a coating on its own. Windows and doors can be cleaned regularly with soap and water depending on how much exposure they have to dust and sunlight. Several UPVC cleaners are available in the market, so one can use them for better results.

• Other general practices according to UPVC windows Suppliers in Goa

Since one is aware of the low maintenance part of the UPVC windows thanks to the information provided by UPVC windows Suppliers, one should not worry too much but, at the same time, avoid certain practices so that the UPVC windows remain in good condition.

  • Avoid using a scrubber or rough cloth to wipe the glass, as it might leave scratches.
  • As already mentioned, there is no need to paint the frames of UPVC windows.
  • ubricate the joints and hinges at regular intervals to prevent them from jamming. Even though the main components are glass and frame, the joints, locks and hinges are equally crucial for the smooth function of UPVC doors and windows. Therefore, the maintenance is incomplete if you forget to oi or grease them.
  • se the right tools and materials, such as cleaning solution, soft cloth, grease for lubrication and powder for gaskets.
  • emove the dry dust on the glass and frame surface before using the cleaning liquid. Clean any debris stuck to the UPVC glass and frame by wiping it with a dry cloth.
  • tart cleaning from the top and work your way downwards. This will ensure proper cleaning. Using a spray is easy for cleaning, and they can be sprayed at the top so that the cleaning liquid can spill downwards and be cleaned easily.

Final Takeaway

The above simple maintenance tips shared by UPVC windows Suppliers tell you that maintaining UPVC windows is no rocket science. These building structures belong to a category where one can fit in and forget about it. Are you are planning to refurbish your home and replace the existing windows with the latest designs of UPVC windows in Goa but are confused about the several options available in the market? The easiest way is to reach out to UPVC windows Suppliers in Goa such as Lingel windows for all your needs. Lingel is a major UPVC windows supplier in niche products such as Venetian blinds, window sills, Glass Conservatories, awnings, and more. Lingel Windows is the first smart Wi-Fi operated window to be offered in the Indian market. You can get all the features a UPVC window can offer – aesthetics, durability, security, energy efficiency and sound insulation.