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upvc windows in Noida
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upvc windows in Noida

A house is complete only with its windows and doors. They make the occupants feel safer and more secure. In earlier days, functionality mattered more for doors and windows. However, it has become the norm to install stylish windows in contemporary times. This has led to leading Noida's UPVC windows Suppliers of fenestra items to design various types of windows to decorate one’s home with.

The standard materials used by UPVC windows Suppliers for making windows apart from glass are aluminium, wood and UPVC. Gone are those days when heavy wood timbers were used to make window frames. Now the popular choice among homeowners is the   UPVC material according to UPVC windows Suppliers in Noida.  They are light and an excellent substitute for wooden window sills and frames. The second-best option is aluminium which is also light and long lasting, like UPVC. Wood is also solid, but it is heavy and decays when exposed to moisture and water and needs regular maintenance.

Cost factor

Between aluminium, wood and UPVC, the price range for UPVC windows are comparatively lower than the other two. Wooden windows range from medium to high price while aluminium is the costliest, but they last the longest, are light in weight and have variety. Customers who want extremely long-time durability choose aluminium. However, the advantage of UPVC is that they are not only durable but also have much better designs and appearance than aluminium frames which may be outdated in modern times.

Lingel Windows are the best UPVC windows Suppliers and have many options in different materials such as German wood, UPVC and aluminium. The windows are designed for urban use and can be maintained easily.

The pros and cons of Wood, aluminium and UPC windows

When deciding on what type of material to use for the home windows, the choice narrows down to wood, aluminium and UPVC. Frames made UPVC windows Suppliers in Noida from these materials have benefits and drawbacks, and one to decide which one suits their home and surrounding environment best.

Wooden window frame costs vary as it depends on the quality and type of wood used in the frame. Wood is more expensive than UPVC frames. UPVC windows in Noida costs vary depending on the frame colour and type, and style. They range between 350 rupees per sq. ft to 880 per sq. ft depending on whether the closure is white, mahogany, walnut or white oak.   Aluminium is the costliest among them.

The advantage of wooden windows is that they can be repainted in different colours as per one’s choice from time to time if they start to look worn out. The drawback is that the wood is prone to damage by termites and rot and decay over time. They require regular maintenance. Also, since wood is a poor heat insulator, they are not suitable for energy insulation as compared to UPVC.

UPVC windows frames are made of plastic and require little or no maintenance. They come in various designs and a variety of colours. They are also energy efficient and therefore good for lower electricity consumption. Unlike aluminium or wood, they last a little less and may be prone to cracks over time or in extreme weather conditions, such as in places like Noida. 

Major advantages of UPVC windows in Noida

  • They require little maintenance compared to wood
  • They are tough and durable and can last a decade
  • They provide high security with locks and no gaps in windows and doors
  • they are decay and rot resistant and not affected by termites
  • provides acoustic insulation
  • comes in different designs such as tilt & Turn, Casement etc.
  • They have excellent thermal insulation and energy efficient
  • They are resultant of salt erosion
  • UPVC material is recyclable and environment friendly
  • Lower initial installation cost compared to wood and aluminium
  • It does not require repairs or repainting

As one can see, UPVC has several advantages compared to wood or aluminum, and UPVC windows Suppliers in Noida recommend that one should install them without any hesitation.

Why use uPVC windows from Lingel Window India?

Lingel India started its India operation in 2006 and now has a pan-India presence. This subsidiary company of Germany-based Karl Lingel Fensterbau Gmbh & has more than five decades of experience in manufacturing high quality UPVC windows in Noida.

In India, it has a massive production capacity and offers all types of fenestration requirements under one roof. It makes UPVC doors and windows apart from aluminium thermal and Oak wood-made doors and windows. Lingel is among the major UPVC windows Suppliers in niche products in Roller shutters, Venetian blinds, window sills, Glass Conservatories, awnings, and more. Lingel Windows is the first smart Wi-Fi operated window to be offered in the Indian market.

Lingel India has also introduced UPVC windows in Noida, including the LSB and LPG, which are complete window solutions. They have won many prestigious awards for their products, and the brand is synonymous with the customer-first motto.