UPVC Windows in Delhi

upvc windows in Delhi
upvc windows suppliers in Delhi
upvc windows in Delhi

Modern Homes are different from the earlier generation’s traditional homes. They now sport distinct looks with minimal aesthetics, often in muted colours, and doors and windows that are not conventional wood or aluminum but made of UPVC. With people renovating their homes regularly, such UPVC windows have become popular as they give a new look to the home. Even those who are not pulling down their homes entirely, are taking the help of UPVC windows Suppliers in Delhi to give a facelift by installing frame windows.

UPVC windows – an overview

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, or UPVC, is a plastic treated chemically and used to make window frames. Frames made from this material are popularly known as UPVC windows. Nowadays, if you look at the newly constructed apartments in Delhi, you will find window frames made of UPVC.

UPVC windows come in various designs and sizes, and it depends on what kind of profile one is using. One can select a 3-chamber or 5-chamber profile as per requirement. The more chambers, the better will be the sound and thermal insulation.

Why should you install UPVC windows in Delhi?

Though Delhi is a metro city and the country's national capital, it is populated, has high vehicular traffic, and is highly polluted. The weather conditions of Delhi are also extreme – the summer is hot and humid while the winter is extremely cold. In such an environment, it is essential to have windows and doors made of materials that provide isolation from noise and pollution.

UPVC windows in Delhi are the best choice as it not only prevents noise and dust from coming inside the home but also provide excellent thermal insulation. In extreme weather conditions, it helps to maintain comfortable room temperatures – cool during summers and warm in winters. The windows made from UPVC help in energy consumption efficiency, which is an added advantage.

Despite the high pollution in a place like Delhi, UPVC windows Suppliers in Delhi will still recommend UPVC as the material is resistant to external wear and tear. They have low maintenance costs and can be easily cleaned.

Benefits of installing UPVC windows in Delhi

UPVC offers a range of benefits when used as a material to build doors and windows.

  • The UPVC windows have a different look than any other regular window. It simply looks fantastic, apart from allowing light to come inside the room. UPVC windows lend a modern touch to homes.

  • The UPVC windows in Delhi are efficient in many ways. They allow all types of special glasses to be fixed to Window frames. The flexibility will enable one to pick thermal insulated, noise, and soundproof glasses per one’s requirement and budget.

  • UPVC windows allow one to install more oversized windows. The windows are solid and stable as the frame materials hold firm, toughened, and heavier glass nicely and prevent the windows from breaking or the frames from collapsing. These strong windows prevent potential burglaries too.

  • Ask any UPVC windows Suppliers about the price, and they will say UPVC windows are not that expensive. It is cheaper than the costly wood timber and aluminum windows. This is also a significant reason they are popular in Delhi, as they are affordable yet give rich and sophisticated looks. The same cannot be said about wood timber or aluminum frames.

  • UPVC windows are more durable than other types of windows. Renovation of homes does not happen now and then. They are done keeping in mind a few years’ time frames, considering the overall refurbishing costs and hassles involved. This makes the UPVC windows ideal, according to UPVC windows Suppliers, as they can last long without wear and tear. The plastic material ensures they do not rust during the heavy raining season in Delhi. They generally do not decay or get damaged easily on their own.

  • UPVC windows require lower maintenance compared to other types of windows. The overall cost of windows increases in other types where regular repairs and cleaning are necessary. UPVC windows Suppliers recommend that for UPVC windows, one need not require a service provider to clean it but can do it easily in DIY mode using a clean wet cloth for wiping it clean. 

Where to get UPVC windows Suppliers in Delhi?

Now that you know the benefits of UPVC windows, the question is, where does one get in touch with UPVC windows Suppliers in Delhi? One of the top manufacturers of UPVC windows in India is Lingel India. This Germany-based Lingel international subsidiary has footprints since 2006 in various public places in Delhi, including the Bangla Sahib old and new Gurdwara, British High Commission, Oberoi Hotels, and the Orchid metropolis, not to mention the private installation in residences and offices.

UPVC windows Suppliers in Delhi offer Lingel windows in various great designs with efficient services, making them the leaders in the fenestra industry were their other reputed players. Lingel windows have specialized in providing quality UPVC windows since 2006. It is a major player in North India, headquartered in Rajasthan and having outlets in neighboring places of Delhi.