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upvc windows in chennai
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upvc windows in chennai

Casement windows have been used for centuries. In those days, they were made of metal and lead glass, especially in the Victorian era. The frame of a casement in those days was made of timber only. Those windows were also considered heritage windows in which the Casement was designed with an exterior shutter that opened outwards.

Casement windowWhy choose UPVC Casement windows in Chennai?s are attached on both sides of the frame. They can be opened both vertically and horizontally. The casement windows were designed to open with a lever, cam handle or crank and installed either at the bottom or the height of the hand. They also served as window locks. UPVC windows Suppliers in Chennai recommend casement windows as the best choice for homes in the hot weather of Chennai as they allow maximum airflow. This helps to keep the interiors cool, fresh and pleasant.

The difference between the casement window and the sash window is evident to all. The casement window can be sectioned in two ways; where they can hinge at the top and are called awning windows, while the ones hinged at the bottom are known as hoppers.

If you are looking for information on Casement UPVC windows in Chennai, they are available offline and online. In order to give your home a stylish look, you can install casement windows as they look premium and add aesthetic appeal to your home. Of late, UPVC windows Suppliers are finding high demand in UPVC-made casement windows as they have become popular thanks to their elegant looks and many other user-friendly features.  

Why choose UPVC casement windows for your home in Chennai?

UPVC casement windows are costlier than double-hung windows in almost all UPVC windows Suppliers in Chennai; in many cases, the price almost double. This is due to the more complex operation of the casement windows. Also, the consumer demand for such a design is lower. Considering the price at which the casement windows come, the following are the reasons why one should install them.

    1. Energy efficient

Apart from being contemporary and stylish, the casement windows are also a great energy saver thanks to their excellent thermal insulation. At Lingel Windows, they are designed with energy-saving features that help to reduce electricity costs.

    2. Sound Insulation

If you are planning to buy UPVC windows in Chennai from Lingel Windows, you will it has the benefit of sound insulation. These windows are compact when closed and block external sounds. If your home happens to be on a busy street, you will be protected from the surrounding disturbances and, in turn, give a noise-free and relaxed environment.

    3. Easy Maintenance

If you are opting for UPVC windows in Chennai, a Casement or a normal, you will not have to worry about their upkeep as they are easy to maintain. Though UPVC windows in Chennai do not discolour easily and remain fresh for a long time, the black and brown colour casement windows will not be worrying at all.

    4. Non-Invasive

UPVC windows are made up of un-plasticized material and are non-toxic.   They are eco-friendly and non-hazardous for healthy homeowners.

    5. Increase Security

The casement window's biggest advantage is its increased security. UPVC windows Suppliers in Chennai ensure the security aspect is well-taken care of with multi-lock points and grills. This makes the home safe and secure from theft or burglary.

UPVC casement windows are sturdy and durable. They tend to last long, as high as a decade or more and do not easily wear and tear. The UPVC windows are robust and do not contract or expand in changing weather conditions.

Why Buy Casement windows from Lingel Windows India?

Though UPVC windows Suppliers of  Lingel Windows make both Casement and double-hung design windows, it is preferable in this case to go for Casement windows. The reason why casement windows are ideal is that they allow better ventilation, energy efficiency, security and sound insulation. Because of its compact design and professional installation by  UPVC windows Suppliers, it prevents rainwater from seeping inside the room and damage in the interiors.

Another major advantage UPVC windows Suppliers in Chennai provide is that  Casement windows are available in single, double and triple glass panes, which makes them sturdier and more secure.