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Our other extensive list of accessories includes the following products:

Locks And Hinges : All locks, hinges and other metal fixtures used in our Window and Door Systems are also available separately with us.

Friction Stays : This is a hardware which is used for outside opening windows.

Tilt & Turn Hardware : This is used for inside opening windows and doors.

Handle With Locking System (Optional) : This locking handle can easily be replaced for the standard handle. It is mainly used as a child safety feature, to prevent children from opening the window.

Popular Products


Our PVC windows & doors have an expected service life of over 40 years.


uPVC doors have been around for nearly as long as uPVC windows.


Your choice of glass As important as the selection of the uPVC windows &


As a part of the outer facade the Roller Shutter Box plays an important role

Solar control

Acoustic insulation

Thermal insulation

Visual appearance